About Us


A renowned name in delivering premium TMT steel bars we, Bharathi TMT is committed to excellence through cutting-edge features, including 100% refined steel billets, Bruker Q4 Tasman, Germany advanced optical emission technology, 23-pass rolling mill etc., Bharathi TMT stands tall as a name of trust in the forefront of the iron and steel industry. Furthermore, our dedication to quality is validated by the prestigious Greenpro certification, British standard certification, NABL accredited laboratory, to name a few. Embracing these accolades and ensuring supreme quality consistently, we are breaking new ground, marking a significant milestone in our journey. .


Committed to provide excellence in our steel solutions. Our dedicated approach delivers exceptional quality, predictable outcomes, continuous growth, opportunities, and mutually beneficial relationships.


To be recognized as the benchmark for steel in the construction and building industry.

A legacy celebrated, A flourishing future promised.

Celebrating our inception in 1970, we, Bharathi TMT, embarked on a path to excellence under the esteemed Kalliyath Group, with a legacy spanning 95 years. Over five decades, we elevated our standards through technological advancements. This journey not only laid the foundation for transformative changes in the iron and steel industry but also redefined it. Such trust in us led to our evolution as a premier TMT manufacturer in the country. As a part of this rapidly advancing construction industry in the country, Bharathi TMT takes great pride in India’s rise in the global scene. We also believe that it is our duty to do our little part in helping the nation grow in to the future.

Partnering with the nation’s growth

India is growing at an unprecedented pace, like never before in history. The most evident example of this growth is the exceptional infrastructure development activities going on across our nation. An extensive network of roads, bridges, railways and highways are being constructed, providing an impetus to this accelerated development. As Bharathi TMT, we are not merely witnessing but actively participating in this transformative journey, partnering with the nation's growth. With our advanced and reliable TMT steel solutions, we aim to fortify the very foundations of these infrastructural marvels, contributing to a sustainable and resilient future for India.

Transforming visions into solid foundations

For nearly one century, Kalliyath Group has been a key player in India’s steel business sector and the manufacturer of Bharathi TMT – one of the most popular TMT steel bar brands in the country. With an ever-expanding dealer network across South India, Bharathi TMT has been contributing significantly to the construction industry of the nation by bringing high-value products in to the market. High quality raw materials, international technology, high-end manufacturing process, stringent quality control measures, variety in terms of products and many more factors make up the reason why Bharathi TMT has been consistently delivering top-notch products with amazing quality consistently over the years. Let’s have a look at some of the aspects as why Bharathi TMT is the choicest brand for your construction requirements.