Research & Development

Charting a new era in innovation with R&D

At Bharathi TMT, Research and Development (R&D) wing is the heartbeat of innovation. Focused on pushing the boundaries of construction materials, we go beyond high-quality TMT steel bars. Our R&D team pioneers groundbreaking advancements, ensuring that Bharathi not only meets but exceeds industry standards. From cutting-edge technologies in steel production to innovative construction-related products, our commitment to excellence resonates through every facet of our R&D endeavours. As we forge ahead, our goal remains clear: to redefine the possibilities in construction materials and contribute to a future built on strength, durability, and innovation.

Testing of Bharathi TMT bars

analysis Wrapper

Chemical analysis of TMT steel bars is conducted using a spectrometer. Detailed quantitative and qualitative analyses are performed using this advanced instrument.

Physical analysis

The manufactured Bharathi TMT steel bars are physically tested for consistency with the help of Universal Testing Machine (UTM).

UTM lab daily activities

Mechanical testing within 20 minute intervals. Hourly bend testing at 180° by using 20mm mandrel for 8-16mm and 32mm mandrel for 20 –32mm. Bend/Re-bend testing at 90° with 28mm mandrel for 8-16mm & 40mm mandrel for 20-32mm.